Homeland Center has a longstanding reputation as a "best place" to work. Our vision is to attract and retain employees with a desire to excel in their chosen fields, and to then develop, empower and nurture them to excel with Homeland and in their private lives.

Homeland Hospice employees are employees of Homeland Center. Homeland offers an attractive benefit program, including health insurance, a defined-benefit retirement plan and opportunities to advance.  We are a drug-free workplace and all applicants must pass appropriate background checks and physical exams before being employed.

Once hired, you become part of a dedicated team who has chosen to pursue one or more common goals, aligning with Homeland Hospice and Homeland Center's major goals:

  • To ensure that all residents / patients receive the highest level of quality care during their time of services with us;
  • To ensure all employees are supported in their individual goal of maintaining a high quality of life in their work and in their private lives;
  • To create an environment that will support our desire for excellence in our industry.

By supporting the improvement of each team member, the performance of the overall team is improved. Each member of our team has a responsibility to be better today than they were yesterday, both as an employee of Homeland Center and as a person in the world.

Through your potential employment and career with Homeland Center and Homeland Hospice, please understand from the outset:

* We demand adherence to our core values: delivery of the highest level of quality care, respect for others, commitment to excellence and the application of the highest level of ethics. Outside these core values, we allow freedom of individual expression. But our core values are absolute, and not to be modified or bent for the individual.

To review and apply for currently open positions, please click here and follow the associated instructions.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

Homeland Hospice provides all services and referrals relative to patient care and employment actions to any eligible and qualified individual regardless of race, sex, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, handicap or age. The non-discriminatory policies of the agency apply to all patients/families served, employees and contractors.

All patients and agency staff/contractors are made aware that complaints of potential discriminatory behavior may be filed with the Office of Equal Opportunity, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and/or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.  The names, addresses and phone numbers of these agencies are as follows:

 1) Office of Equal Opportunity

P.O. Box 2675, Room 223 Health and Welfare Building, Harrisburg, PA, 17105-2675; (717) 787-1127 (voice), (717) 772-4366 (fax), TTY: 1-800-654-5484


 2) Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Home Health

132 Kline Plaza, Suite A, Harrisburg, PA, 17104; (717) 783-1379


3) Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

301 Chestnut Street, Suite 300, Harrisburg, PA, 17101-1702; (717) 787-4410,  TTY: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   (717) 787-4087




Current Opportunities:

Call us at 717-221-7890 for information.


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